Do You Have No Credit or Bad Credit?
The Goal at Bob Mills Mitsubishi-Myrtle Beach is 100% Credit Approval

Bob Mills Mitsubishi-Myrtle Beach Wants to Help You Get Financed Regardless of Credit

If you are currently experiencing the impacts of bad credit on your auto financing prospects, you probably feel like there is no hope of you getting an auto loan or lease. We believe it is unfortunate when terrible circumstances can lead to someone being unable to get an opportunity to pick up the pieces. Our dealership also feels like car shoppers should be given a chance to establish themselves when they have no credit. At Bob Mills Mitsubishi-Myrtle Beach, located at 431 Hospitality Lane in Myrtle Beach, SC, our goal is to provide 100% credit approval regardless of your credit score.

Credit Challenges in the Past?
Our Finance Team Has Got
Your Back

Did you experience anything in your recent past that has caused your credit score to drop? We know that some car shoppers have recently been through a repossession, foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce, or some other catastrophic event that has left their credit damaged. Our dealership has a finance team that is adept at helping drivers overcome those challenges to get affordable auto loans or leases.

When you come into shop with us, it doesn't matter if you've experienced rejection from other lenders and car dealers, our finance team strives for 100% credit approval. We work tirelessly so you can get your second chance or first car loan.

We Have the Resources to Get You Approved for Auto Financing

Once you have experienced rejection from banks, credit unions, and other car dealers, it may feel like no one can help. Fortunately, that is not the case. Bob Mills Mitsubishi-Myrtle Beach has the resources to assist you in getting approved for the car financing you need to bring home your next vehicle.

First, we work with a vast network of lending partners, some that may have some programs that help car shoppers in your position. We also have experienced finance professionals who have assisted many customers before, to find a car loan or lease that fits their budget. Our goal is to get you auto financing that helps you build or rebuild your credit score.

Apply for Auto Financing Today

Bob Mills Mitsubishi-Myrtle Beach, in Myrtle Beach, SC, is happy to be a car dealer that works for 100% credit approval. Apply for credit with us today, so we can show you how committed our finance team is to finding car financing for all of our customers.